Referral Scheme

How does our Referral Scheme Work?

  1. Complete and submit the Application Form.
  2. We then send you a draft agreement that will detail how & when you will be paid.
  3. We apply to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to extend our status to allow you to be an Introducer for Kent Insurance Brokers (this is a very simple process but we have to do this before introductions can start).
  4. We both sign the agreement.
  5. As and when the opportunity arises you are then free to start recommending your clients/friends/associates to us by calling us, asking them to call us, or either one of you completing the Referral Form on our website.
  6. When a referral makes contact with us we will in turn let you know that initial contact has been made. Once we have discussed their requirements and they proceed with the policy(s), we then send a credit statement confirming the amount due to you.
  7. On day 30 after inception of the policy(s), you will be paid by bank transfer.

Set Up a Referral Scheme Today

Our Insurance Referral Scheme is a genuine win-win. To apply to be an Introducer under our referral scheme simply click here and complete the form.