I know nothing about insurance, does that matter?

That’s good. As an Insurance Introducer, you are not permitted to provide Insurance advice, claims advice nor to recommend a particular insurance policy. All that is required is for you to recommend a business owner or property landlord to Kent Insurance Brokers.

Will I have to enter a formal agreement?

Yes. We use a standard insurance industry form (known as an Introducer Agreement) as required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that sets out the arrangement in a clear and fair format.

Is this scheme for individuals as Introducers or for the company I work for as an Introducer?

Agreements can be in force for you personally or for your company/the company you work for, or both. If it is a company then the agreement will need to be signed by a director.

How will you know if I have passed business to you?

We always ask and document how a new enquiry has come to us and so will keep you updated throughout the process, from the initial contact through to providing the quote and to securing the business.

I do not want my referral bombarded with marketing material/spam

We never market companies or individuals with offers/products and are very aware of the need to treat the referral as a very important client.

How & when will I be paid?

We will pay you by bank transfer 30 days after the inception of the policy(s).

Will the introduced client know that I am paid and how much I get paid?

No. This is an arrangement between you and us and is confidential.

If a policy is cancelled mid-term, will it affect my payment?

No. You will still be paid the full year’s commission.

What happens if I do not introduce anybody?

Nothing. There is no pressure to introduce anyone, no minimum targets and no time restriction for the arrangement. The agreement simply remains in place enabling you to be paid if at some point a successful referral is made.

What types of insurance can Kent Insurance Brokers cover?

We arrange cover for a variety of businesses and commercial & private landlords..…

  • All Insurances for any Limited Company
  • Commercial or Private Landlords
  • High Value Homes

Note, we cannot arrange motor insurance unless it is a Fleet policy with a minimum of 5 vehicles

How do I make a referral?

Any one of the following methods…

  • Send the contact details on the footer of our emails directly to them
  • Telephone or email their details to us so we can contact them
  • Complete the referral form on our website on their behalf
  • Ask them to complete the referral form themselves